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When life gives you a ‘Barfi’, make sure it’s as sweet as Basu’s love story in the film.

When life gives you a ‘Barfi’, make sure it’s as sweet as Basu’s love story in the film.


Barfi(2012), a film directed and written by Anurag Basu is a love-affair of three souls. The Film is a romantic- comedy endearing with limitations, restrictions and risks in a very happening yet simple life. Barfi will make us understand, realise and make us fall in love all over again. A film that earlier consisted of only two pages in 2010 went to be 150 minutes when released in 2012.Barfi will surely lead to a journey without scepticism. 

The Story 

  • Set in Darjeeling, the film is about a deaf and mute boy’s love story with two women, Jhilmil(Priyanka) and Shruti(Illeana D’Cruz).
  •  Basu creates a world where love knows no boundary, neither it recognizes any disability. 
  • The films depict a love triangle of an autistic girl (Priyanka), a deaf and mute boy (Ranbir),’ normal’ girl (Illeana) and all the adventures and thrills taking off in their life. 

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The Characters

  •  Murphy (pronounced Barfi) is a charming,delicate and happy go lucky man who never lets his disability get in the way of leading an everyday life. You will smile when he laughs, cry on his heartbreak and certainly take away life lessons from him in the end.
  • Jhilmil is a career-defining role for Priyanka. Basu thought he did a blunder by signing Chopra for the role but little did he know about Chopra the actress. Her depiction of an autistic girl is natural and clean. Her dialogues in the film  are minimal, but the audience will comprehend all of her.
  • Illeana debuted in Bollywood with Shruti and it proved to be one of the finest debuts in years. She is beautiful and elegant in her role, Shruti is materialistic and practical in approach, but one aspect is non – negotiable about her character i.e her ‘love’ for Barfi. Not every love is meant to be in a relationship and this is what her character portrays.
Ranbir Kapoor with Priyanka Chopra in Barfi

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The Direction 

  • Enough has been said about how irrational Anurag’s management and strategies are. But when he pulls off something like ‘Barfi’, his process can be inevitable to question.
  • Anurag uses Non-linear (use of flashbacks) narrative style for direction of Barfi. The story jumps through flashbacks and creates stories within stories to narrate the full fledged film without any further complications for the audience.
Anurag Basu

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The Cinematography

  • Barfi has been shot by Ravi Varman, known for creating poetic frames with pretty visuals, and he has carried that reputation with this film as well.
  • The tamilian cinematographer despite not knowing hindi delivers what basu wanted. Perfectly coloured shots.
Ravi Varman with Ranbir Kapoor

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Did You Know

  • Katrina kaif was approached for the role of Shruti,but couldn’t make it up in the film
  • Basu wanted to rope in Shiney Ahuja for a small cameo.But he denied.
  • Anurag after shooting 25% of the film, felt it was too dark and shady, that’s when he changed the script and added references from Charlie Chaplin and Raj Kapoor floated the script.
Katrina kaif was in barfi

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Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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