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Beachwear Fashion: List That You Must Keep Handy

Beachwear Fashion: List That You Must Keep Handy

Beachwear Fashion

If you are thinking about your next vacation near the sea and sand, you might be pondering beachwear fashion; thinking about what to wear on the beach? Well, here are all the beach fashion wear styles you must explore for your trip!

LONG SLEEVED LINEN SHIRT: Choose shirts smartly for beachwear fashion! Be dressed in either jeans or trousers. Short-sleeved is fine if you prefer, but do not forget there may be chilly air-con in some restaurants.

POLO’s: Pack simple tops in such shades that will match your shorts and trousers. Polo shirts can be worn for casual evenings, then worn by day for sightseeing. Thus, beachwear fashion styles are not-so-cool without POLO’s simple tops!


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LINEN SHORTS: No beach capsule wardrobe is complete without a pair (or two) of high-quality linen shorts. They are breathable and lightweight, perfect for hot and humid weather. Make sure the shorts you buy are machine washable and pre-washed for long-wearing colour.


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SWIMWEAR: Essential for lazy days of sun-bathing – you would not need much more than this on days spent on the beach or by the pool.

SMART-CASUAL TROUSERS: Choose a comfortable pair for day wear (match with a t-shirt and walking shoes). Nonetheless, it can also be worn to dinner with smarter shoes and a shirt.

SUNSCREEN: Good sunscreen is essential in hotter climes. Also, don’t get caught by cloudy days—you can still get burnt. Remember that water will reflect the sun rays too.


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SUNHAT: Essential for sun protection in hot weather, sunhat has mesh sides that helps you to stay cool. Remember you may need to pack it in your case.


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SANDALS/FLIP-FLOPS: To feel more comfortable and calm on feet, add a pair of light flip flops or sandals for beach days.


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SUNGLASSES: Do not forget to carry shades on the beach. It will protect your eyes from sunlight and will also add some glamour to your beachwear fashion.

Our last suggestion would be a daysack! A light-weighted bag to carry some essentials is not a bad idea. In fact, your beachwear fashion can be both stylish and at the same time thoughtful with a daysack. Choose a daysack which folds up into itself and fits easily in your suitcase when not in use.

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