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Best Gift Wrapping Ideas That Are Sustainable Too!!

Best Gift Wrapping Ideas That Are Sustainable Too!!

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Best gift wrapping ideas is one of the first steps towards surprising your loved ones. The surprise, the guessing, the happiness and the adrenaline rush cannot be put in words. But at the same time, it is necessary to look at the amount of destruction these plastic gift wrappers cause to the environment. So rather than using a plastic gift wrapper, you could switch to sustainability and keep surprising your loved ones alongside taking care of the environment. Find seven of such techniques below:

Old Newspapers

  • It is readily available and can be recycled. You might find it lying around in your own home. Just look at the amount of paper and money you save!
  • It also gives a monochromatic look that is aesthetically pleasing.

Old Fabric

  • Not very fond of monochrome? Don’t worry. Try wrapping the gift with old fabric.
  • Simply tie the knot as a bow or cut an extra piece of material to use as a makeshift ribbon to make it look antique and stand out among the other gifts.

Draw On Ribbons

  • Often, once some stylish packing is opened, its ribbons and tags are discarded. Fortunately, we can hear a sustainable and bachat-wala decoration option here!
  • Simply purchase some gold or silver sharpies and scribble on a colourful bow. Be ready to be astonished at how decorative and exciting they look!

Used Pages

  • Just like newspapers, pages of old books are also one of the best gift wrapping ideas. Once those notes are of no use, you can always make a beautiful gift wrap out of it.
  • Who would have thought that the notes would be of such use even after exams! Moreover, helping the environment. So, next time, make sure to make lots of notes while studying.

Recycled Brown Paper

  • Brown paper is a low-cost and aesthetic option. Use a stamp cutter to make the paper look more ornamental. Add some tissue paper behind the stamps to make it look even more impressive!
  • For a small fee, you can obtain recycled brown paper from your local Post Office. These best gift wrapping ideas will not make a hole in your pocket. Furthermore, combined with a fabric tie, the brown paper makes a uniquely distinctive gift!


  • If you are a fan of online shopping but do not know what to do with the boxes–here I am, to make you keep them.
  • Use these boxes to hold your gifts in and uniquely design them with paint, fabric ribbons, twine, and even biodegradable glitter.

Mason Jars

  • These are ideal for presenting delicious presents as well as essentials like soaps. It’s a one-of-a-kind approach to convey that you put thought into the best gift wrapping ideas.
  • Also, you’ll be giving the recipient a reusable container to fill with whatever they like. You can finish the appearance by adding some recycled tissue paper. Or, simply leave it plain, letting the jar speak for itself.

As we move into the future, sustainability has to become the way of living. These small changes may help us to make our environment better. Remember, every small step counts! So, while we take this step and share some of the best gift wrapping ideas with the help of sustainability, we also encourage your ideas. Let us know if we missed any other items!

Blog Editor: Ritika Gupta

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