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Chashme Buddoor: Far Be The Evil Eye With Good Old Laughs

Chashme Buddoor: Far Be The Evil Eye With Good Old Laughs

Chashme Buddoor

Chashme Buddoor is a must watch to understand why the motion pictures of the 1970s-80s by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Basu Chatterjee and Sai Paranjpye were viewed as endearing windows and blueprint to every other middle-class story. Farooque Sheik and Deepti Naval hypnotized an entire age of moviegoers with their unaffected bond and on-screen presence!

Get an insight into a cinema that is forgotten to the Z generation: Chashme Buddoor!

Story Of Chashme Buddoor

  • Story revolves around the three boys staying on rent with heavy loans on their shoulders at the same time.
  • Two of them are studying for their degrees. The third one is pursuing a masters and needs to practice for a doctoral as a professional job.
  • As they continue looking for young ladies, they wind up getting intertwined in a satire of blunders.
  • The subplots focused on the situation of males and the screen presence of females as the lead.
  • There are layers to the comic scenes in the film and could be broken down in detail.
Ravi Baswani film Chashme Buddoor

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The Characters In Chashme Buddoor

  • “Chashme Buddoor” interestingly saw Deepti cast with Bedi and Baswani. She had known Sheik before the film. The other two were actors from the theatre. She performs her role amazingly. Well, you better not forget Jaffrey, who wins your heart with his style!
Farooq Sheikh Ravi Baswani Rakesh Bedi

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  • Baswani and Bedi had the film on their shoulders. They mock one another, and one cannot stop laughing at their humour. 
  • Sheik has a complex character: a genuine undergraduate and a possessive personality yet a hesitant emotional fool. Sheik is at home in each scene.
Ravi Baswani 1981 film

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The Direction Of Chashme Buddoor

  • Sai Paranjpe was a daring lady director who was viewed ahead of her time as a filmmaker. She has segregated splendid exhibitions from splendid entertainers.
  • Farooq Sheik and Deepti Naval set a trend of average person stories into the film area. They were oversimplified and charming.
Sai Paranjpe daring lady director

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  • Chashme Baddoor has stood past the trial of time. It is pertinent even at this point!
  • The majority of the credit can be given to the composition of characters by Sai Paranjpe herself.
Ravi Baswani in movie Chashme Buddoor

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Did You Know?

  • The film was initially titled Dhuan Dhuan.
  • Director Onir was about to buy the rights to the film to remake it. Later, David Dhawan made a remake. 
  • Poonam Dhillon was first offered the role. Later, she refused to act.
Chashme Buddoor remake

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