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Fashionable Collar Types To Remember Before Picking A Shirt!

Fashionable Collar Types To Remember Before Picking A Shirt!

Collar Types

The pattern of the shirt? Check!

The style of the shirt? Check!

And what about the style of the shirt’s collar?

Are you unaware of any collar types?

Worry not!

Here we list ten types of collars to remember each time you choose your shirt!

  1. Point

As the term itself suggests, the Point Collar Types have pointed tips. The collar spreads between 1.5″ to 3.5″.

  1. Tab

The reason why it is called Tab Collar Types is that between the two collar points, there are two small tabs, pushing the tie-knot out and upwards, giving the collar tabbed look.

Tab Collar

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  1. Club

Clubs are narrow spread, rounded at points with a vintage appearance. The Clubs originated at Eton College filled with young British students and look as smart as they can be even now!

  1. Pin

A pin-collared shirt has holes or decorative studs at each collar of the shirt.

  1. Square

With the small, minimal spread, Square collars are called so because these collar types have points that are squared off.

Square Collar

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  1. Button-Down

A variant of Point Collars, these have buttons on each collar. In today’s world, button-down collar types are still a smart choice with a tie and a sport coat on.

Button-Down Collar

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  1. Cutaway

With a broader space between the collar tips, the Cutaway collar types are pushed outwards and suit the oval, slim faces.

  1. Band

A regular collar in Chinese attires, these collars stand 1-2 inches in height from the shirt and look like a band around the neck only.

  1. Wing

Attractive and minimalist, modern-type collars, also known as wingtip or winged, due to their small points. These are best suited for the most formal events.

Wing Collar

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  1. Spread

With well-defined lines and widened distance between the points, the spread collars originally were a means to wear a wide tie-knot, like Windsor or half-Windsor.

So, now you are ready to pick up a suitable shirt with a perfect neckline for the appropriate event!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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