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7 Food Challenges of India For The Offbeat Food-Lovers

7 Food Challenges of India For The Offbeat Food-Lovers

Food Challenges of India

“7 Food Challenges of India that can get you on the Wall of Fame!?” Yes, please?

  1. WTF Burger Challenge, The Burger Barn Cafe, Pune
  • Celebrities like Rocky and Mayur (Highway On My Plate) have tried their hands at WTF Burger Challenge!
  • The burger is a foot tall and weighs 2kg. Taste in between the buns, 6 kinds of chicken, sausages, salami and egg, along with fries and milkshake.
  • Challenge: Finish it all in 15 minutes, and you have enjoyed a free meal! If you clean the plate in 30 minutes and find yourself on the Wall Of Fame!
  • Price: INR 650+

2. Ass Burning Spicy Wings Challenge, Plan B, Bangalore

  • Yes! You heard it right. Another spice-challenge, this one is better known as ABS Challenge. If you are a non-vegetarian and love spicy food, then this challenge is for you!
  • You will only be provided with 6 chicken-wings along with fiery chilli sauce.
  • Challenge: Within merely 4-minutes, swallow down all the chicken-wings in your platter to get in the Hall Of Fame!
  • Price: INR 460+
  1. Chilli Eating Competition, Hornbill Festival, Nagaland
  • One of the craziest food challenges of India is Naga King Chilli Eating Competition.
  • It is organised in one of the most cherished Northeastern Festivals, Hornbill, happens in the initial 2-weeks of December.
  •  Anyone can participate in the competition. You have to eat the world’s spiciest chillies, locally known as, Bhut Jolokia. The challenge takes place with paramedics on the site.
  • Challenge: Eat the maximum number of Bhut Jolokia, World’s Spiciest Chillies in a given time. One who has eaten maximum would win.
  • Price: NA

4. Sasquatch Burger Challenge, Sundance Cafe, Mumbai

  • Challenge yourself with a jumbo-sized burger, weighing 1.5kgs!
  • The Sundance Sasquatch is Café Sundance’s signature offering made with 2lbs tenderloin beef, bacon, lettuce, vegetables, fried eggs, melted provolone cheese and a giant bun!
  • Challenge: Compete along with 4 other contenders (total: 5). Within 25-minutes, finish the burger! The one who did it first will be given a free meal for two at the Sundance and other hampers. Special prices are there for runner ups.
  • Price: INR 1000+
  1. Asli Parantha Eating Competition (Hindusthan Ka Sabse Bada Parantha), Tapasya Parantha Junction, Delhi-Rohtak Bypass Road
  • India’s Biggest Paratha is 18 inches and weighs 1 Kg.
  • Challenge: If you eat 3 such paranthas in 50 minutes, and get the food free for lifetime from Tapasya Paratha Junction!
  • Price: INR 200+
Asli Parantha Eating Competition

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  1. Mother-in-law’s Revenge, Old World’s Charm, Delhi
  • Another Burger Challenge! Find yourself in front of eight-patty burgers, a bowl full of pasta, fries and a single glass of milkshake.
  • Challenge: Finish the platter within 30-minutes! If you emerge out victorious, get yourself a free meal and get yourself on the wall of fame.
  • Price: INR 1600+
  1. Khade Chammach ki Chai, SodaBottleOpenerWala, Bangalore
  • Are you a tea-lover? Then this is one of the craziest Indian Challenges for you, along with all the killing sweetness to it!
  •  Challenge: You will be given a cup of tea, with a spoon standing erect due to the 90% sugar present in it. Within 30-minutes, drink it and voila! Be in the hall of fame and also a surprise gift.
  • If you find it pretty easy, note that not even a total of 5-people has been able to complete this challenge!
  • Price: NA

How many of these bizarre Food Challenges of India are you ready to beat?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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