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Jaun Eliya: Whose Unconventional Poetry Style Remains Evergreen

Jaun Eliya: Whose Unconventional Poetry Style Remains Evergreen

Jaun Eliya

Who is Jaun Eliya? The man who once said,

“bahaut nazdeek aati jaa rahi ho, 

bichhadne ka irada kar liya kya?”

1. One of the most prominent modern Pakistani shayar, known for his unconventional ways.

2. His pet name was “Jaun.” His real name was Syed-sibt-e-Asghar Naqvi (1931-2002), born in Amroha. There, he received his early education under the supervision of his father.

3. Relatives- Irfan Sattar (Disciple), Rais Amrohvi (Brother), Zahida Hina (Wife).

Jaun Eliya

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4. Jaun Eliya acquired the degree of Adeeb Kamil (Urdu), Kamil (Persian), and Fazil (Arabic). He was fluent in Arabic, English, Persian, Sanskrit, and Hebrew. Also, he was very particular about language.

Jaun Eliya

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5. He migrated from India in 1957 and settled in Karachi. There he worked at the Ismailia Association of Pakistan, where he supervised and wrote from 1963 to 1968.


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6. By following all this, he remained associated with the Urdu Dictionary board. 

7. He also edited the Aalami Digest with Zahida Hina, to whom he was married, but later two separated. He had also collected his letter from her.

Jaun Eliya

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8. Jaun Eliya was interested in the disciplines of history, philosophy, and religion. This gave his personality and poetry a distinct identity.

9. His poetry was remarkable for its effortless expression and immediate appeal.


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10. Jaun Eliya had also written another book in prose called Rumooz. Both have been translated Kitab-ut-Tsawwassen and Jauhar-e-Salqui by Mansoor Hallaj but remain unpublished.

11. The Government of Pakistan honoured him with the prestigious Award of excellence for his Services to literature. 

Jaun Eliya

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If you have just become a fan of this great poet, listen to one of his famous ghazals, ‘Thik hai hum khud ko badalte hai.’

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