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What Are Some Tallest Statues Of The World?

What Are Some Tallest Statues Of The World?

Tallest Statue

In 2018, India established on its colourful land of Gujarat, the tallest statue of the world, namely, Statue of Unity. This tallest statue broke the record of China’s Spring Temple Buddha.

But what are some other tallest statues, and attractions of the world that earlier broke the height-records?

We investigated and have been able to make the list of Tallest Statutes Of The World, As Of 2021.

  1. Statue of Unity

Place: India

Meter: 182

Established: 30 October 2018

Statue of Unity

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  1. Spring Temple Buddha

Place: China

Meter: 128

Established: 1 September 2008

  1. Laykyun Setkyar

Place: Myanmar

Meter: 115.8

Established: 21 February 2008

  1. Ushiku Daibutsu

Place: Japan

Meter: 100

Established: 1993

Tallest Statue

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  1. Sendai Daikannon

Place: Japan

Meter: 100

Established: 1 September 1991

  1. Guishan Guanyin

Place: China

Meter: 99

Established: 2009

  1. Great Buddha of Thailand

Place: Thailand

Meter: 92

Established: 2008

  1. Dai Kannon Of Kita No Miyako Park

Place: Japan

Meter: 88

Established: 1989

  1. The Motherland Calls

Place: Russia

Meter: 85

Established: 15 October 1967

  1. Awaji Kannon

Place: Japan

Meter: 88

Established: 1982

Do you know that the Statue of Unity is worth 29.9 Billion Rupees? We think, what would have happened if this was used to truly create awareness about the importance of Unity in Diversity.

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