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Tom Cruise Facts That We Bet Can Leave You Amazed!

Tom Cruise Facts That We Bet Can Leave You Amazed!

Tom Cruise

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, aka Tom Cruise, has always been a “Great Deal” in Hollywood because of his charisma, looks and actions. So much so that the guy became the inspiration behind a legendary Disney character, Alladin! Don’t believe us?

Well, dear Jabra Fans of this one of the Hawtest Mans, you need to tune up your knowledge with the following “bizarre” facts about Tom Cruise. These ones might even be uncommon to his Die Hard Fans!

1. Tom Wished To Be A Priest.

Yasss… Your favourite action hero was supposed to be a priest.

As Cruise was raised in a Catholic family, he initially wanted to become a priest, but then, destiny took a turn. Thomas was thrown out of the seminary and ta-da! — we have a Superstar.

Tom Cruise

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2. Japan Has A Day Dedicated To Tom Cruise.

Oh yes!

 The Japan Memorial Day Association declared 10 October 2006 as Tom Cruise Day because he made more trips to Japan than any other western celebrity!

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV

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3. Tom Cruise Was Bullied For 12 Years!

Imagine going to school and getting back home with mental and physical pain instead of homework.

He was bullied continually in fifteen different schools that he attended in 12 years!

bullied boy

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4. Tom Cruise Is The Inspiration Behind The Beloved Disney Character, Aladdin.

Surprised? Even we were!

Disney’s Animators adopted some of the qualities and features from Cruise’s looks to sketch Aladdin’s Face. According to him, it made him more appealing and attractive.

Interesting, right?

Disney Aladdin, top American actor

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5. Cruise Suffered An injury While Filming Fallout.

Cruise broke his ankle while performing a jump from one rooftop to another. He fell out just short off the roof, injuring his ankle. But he completed the stunt anyway.

filming Fallout

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6. Tom Cruise Was Diagnosed With Dyslexia

He admitted once that he was diagnosed with Dyslexia. He was a young kid of seven at the time. Cruise also stated that this learning disability made him anxious, frustrated and bored.

Tom Cruise diagnosed with Dyslexia

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7. This Man Never Found Love.

 Tom Cruise married actresses Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, respectively.

Not just that! Mimi Rogers is 6 years older than Tom, Nicole Kidman is 5 years older than Tom, and Katie Holmes is 16 years younger than Tom.

Hence what we observed was, with each marriage, the age gap between him and his wives got declined.

Come on! We can be a spy.

tom and nicole

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8. Tom Cruise Is A Part Of A Memorable And Famous Cameo.

Tom Cruise’s Tropic Thunder Cameo is listed as one of the most influential and funniest cameos ever done in the history of cinema. He was the one who pitched the idea of TV Studio Head Les Grossman. He also made the appearance of the character and dance sequence.

In fact, Tom Cruise’s lawyers even threatened to take legal actions if any of his created character’s images leaked before the movie premiered!

Tom Cruise

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And so, these were a few legit and crazy facts about this Hollywood personality. Ah! From priest to being bullied to no love to the remarkable dedication, Cruise is more than just an actor? Inspiration, indeed. What do you think? Also, how many of these facts were you aware of already before you encountered this?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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