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TV Shows For Art And Craft In India That Even Gen-Z Cannot Stop Watching!

TV Shows For Art And Craft In India That Even Gen-Z Cannot Stop Watching!

TV shows for Art and Craft in India

There have been many TV Shows for Art and Craft In India that people, kids and adults alike, have always cherished getting inspired from!

We have all been on OTT platforms for watching highly entertaining commercial TV shows. But there comes a time when our brain desires something really amusing and creative. Here is when TV shows for art and crafts in India come into play!

To free those creative bugs inside you once again, do watch these evergreen TV shows for Art and Craft in India:

  1. MAD (Music, Art and Dance) (2005-2010)
  • An Indian Educational Show
  • Hosted by Rob (Harun Robert)
  • Lasted for Seven Scenes
  • The show itself is a nostalgic experience altogether for many of the 90s kids!
  • This one isn’t just confined to kids and toddlers–some sections of the show include (like, Make it easy, The Big picture etc.) had universal appeal.
  • Duration – 30 minutes approx 
  • Genre – Art, Education and Music
  • Created by Miditech
  • Episodes – 70 episodes 
  • Rating – 4.3/5
  • Available On Pogo, Voot
TV shows for Art and Craft in India

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  1. Art Attack (1990-2007)
  • Originally Art Attack is a British TV Show.
  • Each episode shows the host moulding clays, papers and cardboards to finally produce an imaginative object or painting.
  • This TV show for art and craft has been adapted in Hindi as well. With the first show broadcast in 2013, the episodes ranged to about 26 in total.
  • Duration – 30 minutes approx 
  • Genre – Art and Craft
  • Created by Neil Buchanan
  • Episodes – 301 episodes
  • IMDb rating – 7.5/10
  • Available On Hotstar, Disney India
Art Attack

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  1. The Art Room (2020-Present)
  • A show hosted by Lalon.
  • The TV show is highly rated for making the best out of waste products.
  • It is for the kids to innovate their imagination into reality.
  • Duration – 20 minutes approx 
  • Genre – Art and Craft
  • Created by Zee Q entertainment
  • Episodes – 43 episodes
  • Rating – 6/10
  • Available On Zee 5, Big magic
The Art Room

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  1. Mister Maker (2007-2009)
  • Art and craft show that’s been dubbed and released in India as well.
  • It deals with how mere useless household items can be reinvented to create something valuable and useful.
  • The show is quick-paced and yet very enlightening for the kids to learn.
  • Duration -19 minutes approx 
  • Genre – Art, Famly
  • Created by Jessie Brown
  • Episodes – 60 episodes
  • Rating – 6.8/10
  • Available On ABC, Amazon Prime
Mister Maker

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  1. The Creative Indians (2016-Present)
  • A docu-series.
  • It shows musicians, artists, actors, filmmakers and other impactful creators of the industry.
  • If you are looking for a way to appreciate arts and crafts, here’s a good deal for you then!
  • Duration – 43 minutes approx
  • Genre – Docu-series. 
  • Created by Manil Gupta, Rohit Gupta
  • Episodes – 20 episodes
  • Rating – 8.4/10
  • Available On Netflix
The Creative Indians
  1. FAQ (2010-Present)
  • Hosted by Prateek Shetty along with a dummy robot named Crash.
  • The show is filled with scientific facts and reasoning–a principal USP of the program.
  • This show is less known and read about but is definitely worth your time.
  • Duration – 22 minutes approx 
  • Genre – Science, Art 
  • Presented by – Prateek Sethi
  • Rating – 6/10
  • Available On Youtube, Pogo
  1. Galli Galli Sim Sim (2006-2018)
  • It is a Hindi language adaptation of an American children program.
  • The show has been impactful on the developmental outcomes of children.
  • Galli Galli Sim Sim was a puppet show inducing its audience to gain morals and knowledge.
  • Duration – 12 minutes approx 
  • Genre – Educational, Sketch Comedy, Puppet 
  • Written by Karan Agarwal 
  • No of Seasons – 10 Seasons
  • Rating – 6.4/10
  • Available On Youtube, DD national, Cartoon Network
Galli Galli Sim Sim

When you are done with leisurely entertainment, stir up your abilities by getting back these niche-specific treasures of Indian Television and the small-screen Industry.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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