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Types of Lamps (Electric) To Remember For Correct Light Arrangements!

Types of Lamps (Electric) To Remember For Correct Light Arrangements!

Bulb lights

Are you thinking about how to lighten your new house or the old one on your favourite festival of lights? Then the wait is over! Look for the 10 Types of Lamps below when you go to the market next!

  1. Aroma/Home Fragrance Lamps
  • Aroma Lamps are known as diffusers. They are used for esoterics and aromatherapy.
  • Although they are minutely different from Fragrance Lamps, both tend to release a scent.
Home Fragrance lights

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  • Home fragrance lamps were made in 1898 to disinfect the air inside the hospitals. They are used for the same purpose today inside houses.
  • They use distilled water and the same alcohol that is used in hand sanitizers, isopropyl.
Types of Lamps

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2. Bedside Lamps

  • As the name suggests, it is a type of lamp that one keeps beside one’s bed.
  • The modern rooms use such lamps to easily switch on/off the lights when inside bed, especially at nights.
  • They come in many styles, like, arc, torchiere, gooseneck, tripod, piano, boom arm etc.
Bedside lights

3. Floor Lamps

  • These types of lamps use a kind of pole to support the bulb and lighten the area.
  • You might have seen them in various classic gentlemen English Movies, set in the 19th century.
  • These lamps use halogen bulbs which during those days lead to many fire hazards.
Floor Lamps

4. Table & Desk Lamps

  • While Table Lamps are used on top of tables at homes, desk lamps are usually used inside workspaces (like offices).
  • Some people categorize table lamps in 4 types: for decoration, for general lighting, for highlighting (accent lamps) or for work purposes.
Desk light

5. Lava Lamps

  • It is made by pouring inside a transparent glass container, liquid and wax.
  • Then it is heated by an incandescent bulb which melts, making random shapes within the watery substance.
  • They are such types of lamps that are usually used for decorations.
Lava Lamps

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6. Wall/Sconce Lamps

  • Also known as Wall Sconce, it is a fixture light on the wall.
  • Do you remember such movies/serials that have Indian Kingdoms as their setting? You will notice that the sconce is fixed near dwarapala (doors) and corridors inside a mahal.
  • In modern times, they are mostly used for decoration. Although, they might also be used for older purposes of lighting the hallways, rooms and corridors.
Wall/Sconce lights

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7. Lanterns

  • One of the oldest yet widely used and reliable sources of light, a Lantern is a portable light source.
  • It uses a candle, wick in oil or in the modern-times a battery, and can be carried easily while outdoors at night or travelling.
  • They are still often used for signalling, but now torches are more favoured.
  • Aroma Lamps usually come in 4-types, which use various essential oils (from plants).
  • These types are Nebulizer, Ultrasonic, Evaporation and Heat.

These were some of the most popular forms of lamps often considered for interior decoration of workspaces, homes and more. Which one of these do you prefer the most for your room/house?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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