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So Many Types of Proposals: Which One Should I Go For?

So Many Types of Proposals: Which One Should I Go For?

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There are different types of proposals in the world. Let’s face it. Neither one wants to be not desired to propose to a long time partner in a boring way. They’re special people, after all. Are you racking your brains thinking about the best way to ask out your SO? Below is a list of different types of proposals you can brainstorm on:

1. Nothing trumps a Romantic Proposal. Choose a scenic venue, decorate it and appeal to the love within her heart before you propose to her. Imagine you walking her down a rose-covered aisle before you bend the knee. Now that’s romantic.

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2. Outdoor Proposals can be a bit risky. But if done right, they make excellent memories. Hire some photographers and musicians for the event, and it enhances the whole experience even further.

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3. A Flash Mob proposal is an excellent option. Yes, you read it right, a flash mob. For the right couple, it is the perfect proposal. Imagine lyrical dancers perform something slow and romantic. It sets the mood for an ideal marriage proposal.

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4. Using Animals while proposing to someone is slowly gaining popularity. Seeing a cute puppy can melt the stoniest of hearts. But you may need to plan ahead as animals are unpredictable creatures.

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5. An Adventurous Proposal is the one for you if your partner isn’t into all that lovey-dovey stuff. Maybe they’re the type of person who enjoys adventurous things like jumping out of a plane. Since that’s a bit impractical, proposing at a trampoline park is the next best option.

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6. Rooftop Proposals are timeless. Seeing things from a great height humbles people. Being proposed to while looking at amazing views is a memorable experience. 11/10 highly recommended.


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7. Another cute marriage proposal can be a Destination Proposal. With the humdrum of city life, going on vacation is a rare occurrence. This ensures that the holiday becomes cherished by the vacationers. Add to this a marriage proposal, and the vacation becomes even more memorable and thrilling.

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8. You can also opt for a Luxury Proposal. Many people book proposal packages from companies that specialise in making your personalised proposal dream come true. The Heart Bandits is one such company. The only downside is that luxury proposals are pretty expensive.

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9. A simple Home Proposal is, for some people, the best option. Some people find outdoor proposals uncomfortable. Proposing to your partner in the comfort of your home appeals to many. You can even decorate your house however you want to.

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This concludes the list of types of proposals. However, one thing should be kept in mind. While the types of proposals may seem necessary to explore, you shouldn’t think about it TOO much. It’s the intention that counts.

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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