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Tyre Valves Are Here To Make You Pump-up And Go!

Tyre Valves Are Here To Make You Pump-up And Go!

Tyre Valves

Don’t feel the pressure, check the valve, pump up and go! On long or daily rides, having flat tyres can make you downright, downhearted, especially when you are listening to Prateek Kuhad music in the middle of the highway. But if you are a pro at long-rides, bike pumps must be kept already to inflate the flat tyres! Thus, the bike tyre valves plays a key role to complete your long rides successfully.

In the current blog, find more about the bike tyre valves.

1. There are two types of it, Schrader Valve and Presta Valve.

2. Schrader, also known as “American Valve,” are mostly found on all motor vehicles and motorbikes.

Schrader tyre valves

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3. In Schrader tyre valves, spring-loaded with the pin in the centre controls the airflow in and out properly. It allows the airflow in only one direction.

4. All Schrader valves have removable cores. The dimensions of Schrader valves are External 8V1 thread: 0.305 and Internal 5V1 thread: 0.209.

removable cores

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5. There are also several disadvantages of the Schrader tyre valves, like:

  • Schrader valve has a larger diameter hole in the rims as compared to other valves.
  • These tyre valves make the wheel weaker.
  • Due to their design, Schrader tyre valves need a covering lid to keep it dust-free.

6. Presta valves are commonly found in high-pressure road style and some mountain bicycle inner tubes.

7. Presta valves are also known as “French Valve,” commonly found in high-pressure road style and some mountain bicycle inner tubes.

French Valve

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8. Presta valves are easier to use if they have a duct and pump that helps in locking the head in place.

9. Unscrew the tip of the tyre valves by turning the valve head. Once open, attach your pump to add air.

10. Talking about the dimensions of Presta Tyre Valve, the external threads at the tip of both “threaded” and “unthreaded” Presta valves are 5V2, which measures out to 5.2×1.058 mm.

11. Some disadvantages of Presta valves are as follows: 

    • You need a separate adapter or a special pump.
    • Presta tyre valves have limited adjustability is one of the drawbacks of Presta valves.
    • Presta valves can easily be damaged as compared to Schrader valves.
Tyre Valves

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“Ajib connection ha tyre and fat belly mein…

Belly round achi nahi lagti and tyre flat” 


So keep yourself pumped and keep Bike Pump for your next ride!

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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