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Please Daily Soaps, Vans In India Can Do More Than Just Kidnapping!

Please Daily Soaps, Vans In India Can Do More Than Just Kidnapping!

vans in India

“Omni–” What is the first thing that struck your brains?

Vans in India have been outrightly stereotyped as a 6-seater car-ish vehicle used just for crimes. From a kid to an old man–Bollywood has covered every age for kidnapping through these vans.

Well, to clean its image and inform you more about vans in India, here we go with the “petition” JUSTICE FOR VANS IN INDIA:

1. A Van is a form of vehicle that can be as big as a truck and as small as a Microcar depending upon the type of Van you choose to buy.

vans in India, blue van

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2. The word ‘Vans’ arose after the contraction of the word ‘Caravan.’ Earlier, it was used for transporting goods from one place to another.

3. Vans in India are most commonly used to transport kids from school to home and vice-versa.

transport kids, school van

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4. Vans are also used for commercial purposes as Taxis and Cabs. Some of the most common Vans in India are ‘Eeco’ and our favourite ‘Omni.’

vans in India, Eco

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5. However, the production of Omni-Vans has been discontinued since October 2020. (For the record) It was launched in 1985 by then called Maruti Suzuki. It was only the second car after the Maruti 800 that the company introduced.

6. The Vans were discontinued as they couldn’t meet the safety norms.

7. The new safety norm made it mandatory for vehicles to have Airbags and Speed Warning Beeps. This made the company replace it with Maruti Eeco.

8. Very few of our population would know that Vans cover the most Public Transportation Facilities in the country.

Public Transportation, vans

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9. There is hardly any vehicle on roads that provides a large variety of its prototype. There is a Minibus, Crew Van, Panel Van, 4×4 Vans, and Cargo Vans.

10. If we talk about vans and do not mention our fascination with ‘Vanity,’ it would be a crime (kidding). A Vanity Van is a large moving vehicle. It has a living space and includes every comfort that a large house clutches.

vanity, Vanity van

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11. Vanity Vans are like a second home to stars and celebrities. But Did you know who introduced the concept of Vanity Van in India? Manmohan Desai.

Sadly, we couldn’t see more Omni’s to kidnap and commit crimes in the Indian Film Industry. It seems like all of them are loaned/lifted by Indian Crime Daily Soaps? Well, who knows?

Blog Edited By Ritika Gupta

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